Grow Your Hips

So, obviously, you are here because you want bigger hips right?


I’m pretty sure you have heard numerous things such as “you can’t get bigger hips because it is only through genetics.”




That’s not completely true.

You can work those hips with the proper exercises to enhance them NATURALLY! Not Financially, LOL.


We have provided a few steps to take to achieve those hip goals!



No Pain, No Gain! More like “No Gain, No Curves!”

Weights will become your best friend on your journey to curvier hips.

When you complete each exercise try your best to increase your weight as you progress.



Balance is key when performing lunges.
  1. When performing a lunge stand straight up (feet hip-width apart)
  2. Take a step forward then slowly lower your body bending both knees (as you bend your knees they should be at a 90-degree angle)
  3. Raise up slowly and repeat with other legs
*Aim to complete at least 3 sets of 10-15 reps each leg. Use a barbell or dumbbell for better results!

Fire Hydrants.

Yes, like dogs.
  1. Place all four limbs on the ground
  2. Using the outer thigh muscles and glutes-lift one knee out and keep your knee bent(90-degree angle)
  3. Lower your leg to the original position and repeat with the other leg
*Aim to complete at least 3 sets of 10-15 reps each leg. Add ankle weights for better results!

Hip Abductor Machine.

This is the weird machine where you feel all awkward and exposed getting on ( just kidding, not really lol)


To use this machine effectively:

  1. Set the pin inserted to the correct resistance on the weight (based on your needs)

  2. Sit on the seat and place your feet on the foot holders/pedals

  3. Position your thighs so they are pressed to the outside of the pads

  4. Release and “abduct” the thighs to press the legs apart

  5. Bring your legs back in and repeat!


*Aim to complete at least 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps. Try pulsing (short movement) after you finish your regular sets.



Sumo Squats.

Squats! Squats! Everyone knows about squats!
Well, there are different variations of squats that target specific parts of the lower body. Sumo Squats are the squats where you can really work the tensor fascia lata, yes I know, what is that? It’s apart of your hip, just do it.
  1. Stand with your feet wide stance (your toes need to be pointing outwards)
  2. Lower yourself toward the grow (deep as you can) pressing your hips back
  3. Come back up squeeze the glutes and repeat!
*Aim to complete at least 3 sets of 15-20 reps. Using a kettlebell or barbell will really help with building those hips!





Veggies. If you thought I was going to say protein first– you’re wrong! Load them on that plate and throw some fruits on there too.  *Did you know true protein comes from plants? Spirulina has over 4 grams of protein- IN ONLY ONE TABLESPOON!    
Protein. This is an OBVI! Get your protein–naturally! Use supplements and plant-based protein powder only if you need too.  *If you are really trying to enhance your hips, try adding at least 2 scoops of plant-based protein to each protein shake after a hip/glute workout.  
Carbs. Unfortunately, you need to put on a little weight to enhance your hips, so if you’re not trying to put on a little weight, this may not be for you. The good news is you can gain a healthy weight, with healthy foods.  
*Instead of pasta and white bread loaded with refined sugars, try natural carbs like sweet potatoes, dark beans, bananas, and oats/quinoa.    You can make them hips grow without the needle. It just takes a little patience and persistence.  
Keep the diet clean and work the body and of course, don’t forget to REST to let them grow.  Go forth and grow them hips!  
Happy Healthy Living,
“For the Glory Be to God Always”
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